What Causes Tooth Decay?

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Hardly will you find anyone, who won’t be having a tooth problem. Now, tooth problem is becoming very common among people, due to the lifestyle opted by people. Many people experiencing toothache, relieves their pain by taking pain killers. The painkillers can only give you temporary relief. So, whenever you are having toothache, it is best to consult a dentist, in order to make sure the toothache is not due to any medical illness. Smiles On Yonge are the best dental clinic when it comes to tooth related problems. As recommended by some sites like 1stinsmiles.com, people who are suffering from a toothache, should not get in the habit of eating pain killers to relieve their pain as it may cause long lasting problems to the person.

Now, all of you will know that a toothache can be caused due to tooth decay. But what causes tooth decay? Just keep reading the article to find out more. While eating food, the food particles get trapped in between your teeth. If you haven’t rinsed your mouth properly after eating, then bacterial growth will be formed in your mouth which in turn makes an acid which begins to cause harm to your teeth. This is how your tooth gets decayed. Extreme pain, infection and loss of tooth may occur if the tooth decay is left untreated.

The decay process starts with the unobtrusive harm to the enamel of your teeth and then gradually progresses to the inside part of the tooth. The pulp which is the inner most layer of your teeth holds highly sensitive nerves and blood vessels, and when exposed, may cause severe pain to a person.

Now, let’s find out what causes tooth decay?

· Lack Of Proper Oral Hygiene In order to have proper oral hygiene, you not only need to brush regularly, but must floss regularly, brush your tongue and use mouth wash on a daily bases. You need to brush your teeth at least twice daily but it is best if you brush after each meal. Brushing for at least 2-3 minutes is required. If you are not sure about the time you take for brushing, try setting a timer which would be helpful for you to know how long you have been brushing. Do remember, following proper hygiene means in the decrease of tooth decay.

· Eat Healthy Food Foods that are having high content of sugar, carbohydrates and acid needs to be avoided as it may lead to tooth decay. Include healthy foods in your diet. It is best in avoiding sugary acidic drinks in order to keep your teeth healthy.

· Keep Away From Sugary Foods As said earlier, keeping away from sugary foods will help in avoiding tooth decay. Bacteria present in your mouth usually feeds off of foods that are sugary and then starts to cover your teeth with acid that ends up damaging your teeth. This is why, it is highly recommended that after every meal, you need to either rinse your mouth thoroughly or brush your teeth, so as to make sure all food particles have been washed out from your mouth.